Rules and Regulations
Important Package Regulations:
New Mexico Quarterly Food Program
ORDERING INFORMATION: The items offered in this program have been approved by the New Mexico Corrections Department. The Quarterly Program is available to all NMCD facilities and participating private facilities.
Union Supply Direct accepts web, mail, phone and fax orders from friends and family on the inmates approved visitors list.
SPENDING LIMIT: $84 of product, per quarter.
PACKAGE LIMITS: An inmate can receive up to two (2) packages per quarter with the combined dollar total not exceeding the $84.00 dollar limit. Only orders from family and friends on the Inmates Approved visitors list will be accepted.
ELIGIBLE INMATES: Inmates classified in the following statuses are eligible to receive a Quarterly or Birthday package:
- Level I
- Level II
- Level III
- Level IV
INELIGIBLE INMATES: Inmates classified in the following statuses are not eligible to receive a Quarterly or Birthday package:
- Inmates in PBMP
- Inmates pending transfer to PBMP
- County Jail inmates held in custody for less than 60 days
- Inmates on PHD, or Disciplinary Restrictive Housing
- Inmates in Special Management Population
- Inmates in the Drug Suppression Program
FRIENDS & FAMILY ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Only approved visitors on the inmate’s visiting list will be allowed to purchase a Quarterly Package
INMATE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS: Facility orders are only permitted for inmates with no one on their approver visitors list. Inmates may order one (1) Quarterly package per quarter.
SUBSTITUES: If an item is out of stock or unavailable, we will substitute with an item of greater or equal value.
CATALOG UPDATES: Union Supply Direct attempts to show and describe merchandise and all related information as accurately as possible. However, Union Supply Direct does not warrant that product descriptions or other content of our catalog or website is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free. In addition, manufacturers may make changes in product design, color, package size and style at any time. Union Supply Direct reserves the right to update or correct item information and to change prices and offers at any time. If a product offered by Union Supply Direct is not as described in the catalog or website, your sole remedy is to immediately return the unused item for a refund of the purchase price in accordance with your facility’s rules and regulations.
RETURNS: Inmates will be given an opportunity to inventory the contents of the package in the presence of a staff member. The staff member will verify the discrepancy and report all discrepancies to Union Supply. Discrepancies must be reported at the time of package receipt. Only refunds will be applied for any items found to be defective, damaged or missing. If the original payment was made by credit or debit card, approved refunds will be refunded back to the card used in the original purchase, including prepaid credit and debit cards.
PAYMENT METHOD: We accept Credit, Debit or Prepaid Cards, Facility Check, Cashier’s Check, Personal Check (Full name, address & phone number must be imprinted), money order (All payment methods must be domestic issued in the U.S.) or cash through ACE Cash Express. Please make payable to Union Supply Direct. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to make a purchase with Union Supply Direct. Be sure to provide the card holder name, billing address, telephone number and CVV code that your credit card issuer bank has on file. The following forms of payments are not accepted: Green Dot, Cash App, Apple Pay. .
SALES TAX: Union Supply is required by the state of New Mexico to collect sales tax on all orders and shipping fees. Please reference the tax chart provided below noting the facility’s tax rate.


Tax Rate

 Central New Mexico Correctional Facility


 Penitentiary of New Mexico


 Western New Mexico Correctional Facility


 Northwest New Mexico Correctional Facility


 Springer Correctional Facility


 Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility


 Guadalupe County Correctional Facility


 Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility


 Roswell Correctional Center


Step 1: $75.50 (Product Total) x 1.069% (6.90% Tax Rate) = $80.70 Product Subtotal
Step 2: $7.95 (Shipping Fee) x 1.069% (6.90% Tax Rate) = $8.49 Shipping Subtotal
Step 3: $80.70 Product Subtotal + 8.49 Shipping Subtotal = Order Total 
SHIPPING: All Shipped orders will be charged $7.95 (Non-Refundable) Cancelled orders will not be charged.
DELIVERY: Quarterly packages will deliver together with commissary orders. Quarterly packages will be on the same delivery schedule as commissary deliveries.
Union Supply Direct
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